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In addition to professional endeavors, Amelia applies her body of knowledge and skills to community development that aims at the spiritual and social empowerment of its members to become change agents of their own communities. She has served in a variety of volunteer community leadership roles, from leading adults in grassroots community action surrounding relevant social, spiritual, and educational issues to providing character education courses for children, and facilitating youth groups that voice a healing message of unity in diversity using the performing arts. Some highlights follow:

Current efforts:

  • 2010 Oak Park Junior Youth Empowerment Program: “animating” a group of 11-14 year old jun ior youth to become proactive catalysts of social change in their community by creating an environment of moral and intellectual excellence, using service projects, media, arts and writing skills. Contact Amelia to get involved!  

Previous endeavors:

  • As an Auxiliary Board Member to the Continental Board of Counselors for the Baha’i Faith community of the Americas, in 2007 and 2008, Amelia inspired, guided, and assisted local communities ranging from 10 to 300 people throughout Connecticut, New York City and Long Island to transform their neighborhoods within a unifying framework for action.
  •  Co-directed, 2003-2008, a summer program for 100 high school youth that focused on study of relevant historical text, arts, and developing their power of expression.
  • Served  as Managing Director of the New York Children’s Theatre Company in 2002, a non-profit arts organization that educates and trains children to perform theater productions addressing important social issues for all audiences.
  • Coordinated, 1996-2000, the Generation of Hope project, an artistic team of youth performers as community-builders, in travels throughout South America, Russia, and Kazakhstan to raise awareness of drug and alcohol abuse and inspire youth to take positive social action.

Amelia's community development experience further honed her expertise in creating environments that empower, motivate and inspire people to act continually, sustainably and on their own initiative, even when they are not paid for the work.  The skills which she has developed include influencing people in direct and indirect capacities, managing group dynamics and facilitating consultative problem-solving that results in a unified team with higher productivity and morale.

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