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What clients are saying about Advance Yourself Coaching and working with Amelia…

 “Amelia exhibits a degree of openness, integrity, and trustworthiness that is at the same time extremely rare and much needed in the current state of the world. With her patient and skilled approach, I was transformed from an introvert to someone who initiates and fosters open dialogue in both professional and personal fronts."

- Soheil Z., Vancouver, Financial Technology Consultant, B.C., Canada



“Amelia, skilled in the art of asking questions, has empowered me to overcome the obstacles that had previously limited my capacity to reach higher levels of effectiveness in my work - whether at the office, at home, or in the community. Working at the level of practical skills and techniques while at the same time exploring the principles and beliefs behind them, she helped me to develop the needed approaches to accomplish long cherished goals that had seemed unattainable.

If you are serious about progressing to the next level in your work life, your home life - your whole life! - I highly recommend working with Amelia to rapidly accelerate your progress to your goals.”

- Robert Sapiro, Business Manager, Husband, Father, Community Activist, Boston, MA.

"Amelia is relentless in moving you forward to meet your goals no matter what. Her optimism is contagious."

- Vice-President, Data and Technology Services, New York, NY

During the period I was being coached by Amelia, I wanted to expand my business and find my soul mate… well, I ended up getting both!   Amelia kept me on track and when I came across a bump in the road, she was there to help me examine how to get through it, get around it, and understand why that "road block" was there. Yes, I had to do the work to get the results, but Amelia was the one who got me to focus and examine my own "stuckness" as to why I could not move forward with something. I found my soul mate largely because I really stuck to the process and did not give up! I love my husband so much; I can not imagine my life with out him. I also expanded my business within the same year -- that experience is something that I feel like I will have with me always, if I could do it then, I can do it again and again. There is no doubt in my mind if you hire Amelia to work with you, you will get results!

-Neda Meier, Owner, Neda Boutique, Brooklyn, NY

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“I worked with Amelia when I was having communications issues with my manager.  Situations like this are complicated since it is one person’s word against another’s.  Amelia was able to sift through the issues, and expertly and sensitively get communication back on track.  She put me at ease from the start and was able to coach me through the issues, and then support me as I developed the skills I needed to work with my manager in a positive way.  I found Amelia non-judgmental and very professional.  I would highly recommend her for professional coaching.”

 -IT Business Analyst, HBO, New York, NY. 

“I had the chance to meet Amelia and invite her to join my Organizational Effectiveness team while serving as VP at HBO.  I hired her because I found her to be not only a first-rate intellect, but also someone with the curiosity and passion to assist me in growing a "business with in a business".  Amelia created a uniquely company branded Customer Service program; training and coaching over 100 front line employees and senior leaders to improve internal customer service.  I think that anyone who has the opportunity to experience her skills, passion and energy will be the better for the experience”.

-Tyrome Smith, former Vice-President of Organizational Effectiveness, HBO, NewYork, NY.

“I was very lucky to have been coached by Amelia.  She is a lovely individual with a lot of knowledge and insight.  We connected immediately; it was amazing to have her in my corner and I knew I could accomplish anything! With her guidance she helped me envision my personal and professional goals and helped me work on the steps to get there. She was very creative in her coaching through her empowering questions and weekly exercises.  We visualized how I wanted my life to look and I accomplished everything we worked on.  It really was a fun experience working with her.  I really appreciated her honesty and dedication to our work.  I really felt that she was fully invested in helping me improve my life. ”

-Jaime Kolber, General Manager, Dramatics NYC, New York, NY

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girlclothesI had come to a turning point in my career path when I pursued a coaching relationship with Amelia.  After becoming aware of my core beliefs that shaped how I viewed and interacted in the world, I was able to create and follow simple but instrumental plans that transformed my daily thoughts and interactions. I soon found that working with her improved my abilities to maneuver all aspects of my life, as well as defining my career path. The coaching sessions helped me develop powerful tools which I still use to this day!  

Amelia has an amazing way of listening to what you say and then posing reflective question that empower you to create your own path. Instead of giving you advice or telling you what to do, Amelia helps you develop the skills to be your personal best. After our coaching relationship came to an end, I knew I was prepared to continually better myself because with Amelia 's help I had developed the skills to proceed on my own. Anyone interested in "advancing themselves" would benefit greatly from Amelia s coaching skills. Plus she is just a joy to be with!”

-Chelsea Munion Loghmanee, Product Designer, Sears Holding and Co. , Chicago, IL


“I sought out Amelia's help as a life coach at a time when I wanted to move away from a life that felt very much reactive and chaotic to one in which I felt I was conscientiously and proactively building.
My experience working with Amelia as my life coach helped me to build a steady and deeply-rooted pattern of living that is proactive and based on consciously chosen priorities.  Our weekly conversations and regular email communications have aided me to act on my priorities and empowered me to take the necessary steps to translate those priorities and my aspirations into reality.  

I can say unequivocally that my work with Amelia has changed my life for the better.  As a coach, Amelia has demonstrated a sincere effort to understand the circumstances of my life, my values, and my aspirations, and to tirelessly aid me in realizing my goals. Her patience, enthusiasm, compassion, and extraordinary ability to listen and comprehend what is shared create an environment that enables development and growth.   She also brings to my efforts a perspective that always helps me to learn from my experiences and to press forward enthusiastically. 

I would strongly encourage anyone who is interested in working with a life coach to contact Amelia.  Her dedication to her work and her effectiveness are unparalleled.  She not only has the talent, knowledge, and skills to coach but also personal qualities and a personality that help foster open conversation and a desire to work hard and with joy.  Working with Amelia has been pure enjoyment.”

-Dr. of Emergency Medicine, Supervisor and Assistant Professor.

“Amelia is persistent and creative - if I’m not getting something, she comes up with another perspective or a different exercise or a new metaphor, or quotation (not cliché) until something clicks. She’s compassionate and trustworthy - it’s completely safe to tell her even the things I’m afraid to admit to myself. I enjoyed her delightful sense of humor and spontaneity. Her coaching style has made a difference in my organization by allowing me to be the best me yet. I am more compassionate, more understanding of myself and others.  Thank you Amelia! 

-Melania Mersades, Owner and Reiki Master, Melania’s Healing Edge, Hartford, CT.

As I became overwhelmed during a major transition in my life, Amelia worked with me to break things down into manageable chunks.  With her in my corner and a plan in my hand, she worked as a guide rail to keep me on track.  Amelia's positive attitude was always a source of encouragement, even when I got discouraged.  I would recommend her to anyone looking to create a little organization in a chaotic life!
- Junior Consultant, Accenture, New York, NY

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